This study will be based for the fruitful findings away from early in the day knowledge out-of enthusiast-idol relationships and you will fans‘ usage techniques

This study will be based for the fruitful findings away from early in the day knowledge out-of enthusiast-idol relationships and you will fans‘ usage techniques

dos.3.2.step 1 Search for emotional satisfaction

Emotional professionals, along with yet not restricted to a sense of fulfillment, identification, and performance, are essential bonuses for fans to shop for idol-associated factors. Admirers, because someone otherwise teams, always need a port to generally share their praise, appreciate, and you may infatuation to possess celebs. The acquisition away from twist-out of points would be thought to be fans‘ consistent and severe psychological money within idols (Santero 2016). More to the point, due to its pick, fans suspect that their financial dedication would somehow work with its idols with regards to effective a credibility or even more reputation for the new aggressive recreation world. So it sense of objective and you will satisfaction offers admirers the fact that its efforts are accepted and you may essential to possess idols, fulfilling their have to be called for (Wang 2014). This feeling of achievement, subsequently, manage push them to make most purchases.

2.step 3.2.2 Admirers as the a residential area

Fans‘ instructions may help all of them within the setting up talks, that could evolve on closer personal links. The fresh new ownership out-of highest-quality idol-relevant facts, due to the fact embodiment regarding credibility and you will support out of fans, is best access pass for fans to enter the fresh center of your own fan community (Zhang 2021). And establishing mutual mental attachments and you will public connectedness, fans together with setting cumulative memories thru its public pick routine (Wang 2014). There are numerous instances when admirers purchase a lot of albums, film entry, otherwise points recommended of the their idols collectively showing the unity and solidarity.

2.cuatro Conceptual design

This research aims to talk about idol fans‘ motives trailing the idol-toy get practices. They entirely is targeted on a distinctive type of fans-admirers which purchase idol dolls-to be able to service a very focused research that will not propose to generalize conclusions some other partner groups.

Earlier in the day look to your fans‘ practices methods constantly splits reasons toward “intrinsic” and you can “extrinsic” of these and you can approximately amounts it since quest for “nerve satisfaction” otherwise a french brudar byrÃ¥ sense of “fulfillment” (Zhao and you will Wu 2021). This study stresses the necessity of a specific fan term (i.elizabeth., mother fans) inside the framing fans‘ practices methods. It also explores the latest emergence and you will interest in “mommy admirers” or “mothers off idol dolls” inside the theoretical construction of the Para poder-kin relationships.

2.5 Look objectives

The fresh frequency out of mom fans signals a different sort of function regarding fans‘ consumption means and you may motivates the fresh new researcher so you’re able to reexamine the fresh new existent lookup models from parasocial relationship ranging from admirers and you can idols. The main search question for you is: what are fans‘ motivations for purchasing idol dolls? This study takes a leap forward to investigate new character away from “mother fans” from inside the leading to this new idol-doll neighborhood by responding the brand new sandwich-question: exactly why do fans allege themselves because “mother admirers” and you will what are the mental demands?

Strengthening the connection between your development away from mommy fans in addition to rise in popularity of idol dolls was an intuitive choice. Are a whole lot more specific, mother admirers constantly reference themselves since their idols‘ mommy, while you are idol-toy customers and additionally relate to on their own once the moms of the baby and you may clean out the baby doll as if they was a bona fide individual. Exploring the emotional need out of mom fans and exactly how it differ out-of compared to girlfriend admirers you can expect to bring a crisper understanding of fans‘ reasons for purchasing idol dolls. On the other hand, the reasons and psychological needs out-of male idol fans will getting checked out, while they might provide an entirely different perspective to explain their idol-toy to purchase choices.

step 3 Strategy

This study brings together textual research as well as in-breadth interviews to understand the fresh new driving activities having fans‘ idol-toy get strategies together with con el fin de-kin dating anywhere between fans and you will idols. Authoritative news posts serve as a natural field for watching exactly how Chinese traditional culture interprets the newest rise in popularity of mom fans and idol dolls, permitting the analysis as contextualized for the a wide social background. In-depth interview of them admirers give steeped facts that help define the forming of para poder-kin dating, as well as their attitudes and you can reactions to your complaint off the mainstream culture. From the combining both of these several browse procedures, an even more nuanced comprehension of lover society will be reached.